Sarbasst's Tales



I have been working as a Creative Designer for more than a decade now. I have come to learn one thing. Creativity can be taught.

To this end I have made children's picture books. They are all donated to the public domain. This means there are no copyrights on them. Do as you please with them.

The goal is to have a lot of material for schools to use in their teachings. There are two ways to teach creativity with these books. 1, make stories and fit them into the pictures. 2, make a story based on a set of pictures.

Every book will be donated to the public domain. My hope is to make a total of 600 books and thus releasing thousands and thousands of images of the same characters, to allow for endless possibilities. Endless combinations. Endless amount of new stories created by the children.

Some schools in Sweden and Norway use this material to teach creativity.

Please download the books and enjoy.

My warm regards
Sarbasst Braian



Sarbasst's Tales 1 SarbasstsTales1 pdf



Sarbasst's Tales 2

SarbasstsTales2 pdf SarbasstsTales2.pdf  

Sarbasst's Tales 3

SarbasstsTales3 pdf SarbasstsTales3.pdf  
Sarbasst's Tales 4 SarbasstsTales4 pdf SarbasstsTales4.pdf  
Sarbasst's Tales 5 SarbasstsTales5 pdf SarbasstsTales5.pdf  
Sarbasst's Tales 6 SarbasstsTales6 pdf SarbasstsTales6.pdf  
Sarbasst's Tales 7  


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