Sarbasst's Tales



Please enjoy the pdf books i have made and placed on this site to be downloaded.
They are of public domain and thus you can sell, redistribute, change, translate or do whatever you like with them.

Please link back to as I plan to do a lot of books. A total of 600. This is something I look forward to.

My warm regards
Sarbasst Braian

The images I have provided for download are the images for each book, but without the text. That way it's easier to use them as material for making other books. Please use them as you wish. Some schools in Sweden use them for creative training for children. Randomly putting together images and making a story of the images. Or, making a story and then choosing images to suit the story. A great way of training creativity.



Sarbasst's Tales 1


Sarbassts Tales 1 Images

Sarbasst's Tales 2

SarbasstsTales2.pdf Sarbassts Tales 2 Images

Sarbasst's Tales 3

SarbasstsTales3.pdf Sarbassts Tales 3 Images
Sarbasst's Tales 4 SarbasstsTales4.pdf Sarbassts Tales 4 Images
Sarbasst's Tales 5 SarbasstsTales5.pdf Sarbassts Tales 5 Images
Sarbasst's Tales 6 SarbasstsTales6.pdf Sarbassts Tales 6 Images
Sarbasst's Tales 7  


Coming soon


Coming soon



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